Problem of Practice

Every job has its ups and downs, its challenges and solutions. My new role as Technology Integration Specialist is no different. In this role, I support my 3rd – 5th grade colleagues in finding ways to incorporate technology in meaningful ways. I love that this role challenges me in different ways than I was challenged as a homeroom teacher. Just like a classroom filled with a variety of learners, so is the the group of teachers with whom I work. While some teachers are eager to try new things and are frequently contacting me to bounce back and forth ideas, there are others who feel technology is the pit of all evil, to put it gently.

The problem of practice I want to address is how to support those teachers who do not currently value technology integration. I would love for all of the teachers with whom I work to be open to change and consider the benefits of adding technology to their already magical curriculum. Though that may be far-fetched, my goal is to get teachers excited about technology integration. This problem of practice is important to me because I think it’s extremely valuable for kids to learn positive ways to use technology in the safety of their classrooms. If left to their own devices, they may never learn how to use technology kindly, thoughtfully, and responsibly.

To overcome this problem of practice, I will do reserach on what holds people back and how to overcome those obstacles. Instead of preaching about the value technology can add myself, I want to share practical and meaningful examples teachers are currently using in their classrooms. Two initial ideas I have to evoke excitement in my colleagues are to post inspirational articles to the blog I already maintain and invite guest teachers to speak about technology on my school podcast.


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One Response to Problem of Practice

  1. As a computer teacher who inevitably becomes a tech coach for teachers, I LOVE this idea! It is needed in so many schools across the country and I could see your research not only benefitting you, but others as well (aka me!) Goodluck!


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